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Like so many moments of inspiration, the idea of Mint and Mustard was born out of a conversation over dinner.

Back in 2005, UK-based Keralan doctors Ajith Kandoran and Latheesh Kottilil were dining at an Indian restaurant near their hospital, sharing their passion for food and reminiscing about the meals they had eaten back in Kerala.

The topic turned to how there were many Indian restaurants in the UK, yet none of them really showcased the true spirit and quality of Keralan cuisine to British diners.

In that moment, the vision for Mint and Mustard was created: a place where the philosophy of Keralan cuisine marries with contemporary British dining style to re-invent the concept of Indian food in the UK.

One year later the doors opened on the first Mint and Mustard in Cardiff – and it would go on to become recognised and awarded as one of the UK’s finest Indian restaurants.

With restaurants in Cardiff, Chepstow, Penarth and Taunton, Mint and Mustard continues to grow and set the benchmark for contemporary Indian dining in Britain.

Keralan Passion

In Kerala food is more than sustenance – it is a passion, a philosophy, a way of life.

This gem of Southern India has for centuries been the hub of the global spice trade – drawing traders, explorers and adventurers from all corners of the world.

Spice traders from ancient Rome, Syria, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK have all left their influences on a region already rich in the finest spices and exotic ingredients to create one of the world’s great culinary regions.

In Kerala too there is a reverence for the ingredients that go into this fusion of flavours – influenced by ayurvedic tradition and an appreciation for the health-giving properties of good diet.

Fresh, light and perfectly balanced – Keralan tradition dictates that no artificial flavours or colours go into our food, and only the very best, hand-selected ingredients are used.

British Style

A cuisine shaped equally by tradition and new global ideas is one that keeps its core values but embraces change. We took this approach in how we brought Indian cuisine to the UK, our menu is true to the traditions and food philosophy of Kerala, but is influenced by the high quality and impeccable style of the modern British restaurant.

While Keralan at its heart, our menu also reflects tastes and ideas from across the rest of India – including familiar dishes re-imagined and exciting new tastes to explore.

We use fresh local ingredients wherever possible, and present our food with the style, taste and sense of fun that are hallmarks of contemporary British cuisine.

Looking Forward

When we launched in Cardiff in 2006, we pioneered the new wave of Indian cuisine in the UK and helped change the perception of what Indian food could really be.

Many have followed in our footsteps and as the restaurant landscape changes, so do we – continuing to innovate and develop, explore and excite.

Our team of talented chefs have helped create Indian dishes that marry the best of Indian culinary tradition with a contemporary sense of style.

Like Keralan cuisine itself, we are proud to build on our past but always looking to push forward and explore new possibilities – always with a sense of passion and style in what we do.